Eyewitness Pictures of the Civil War - Wood Cuts and Photographs - Battle Scenes - Ironclads - Mathew Brady Civil War Pictures from the Artists and Photographers at the scene. Published in Harper's Civil War Semi Monthly, Frank Leslies Illustrated News, and The 10 Volume Photographic History of the Civil War.
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This website features pictures originally published during the Civil War. Many were first sketched during the action, and that sketch was used to create the wood cut that appeared in the weekly newspaper. Photographers were also at work recording the life and times of the era, and a good representation of that effort is shown here as well. At present the three works used to amass this website collection are Harpers Semi-Monthly Civil War Edition, Frank Leslies Illustrated Weekly, and The 10 volume Photographic History of the Civil War. As time allows I will add two other fine sources of period material, Harpers Weekly and the Illustrated London News.
 It is easy enough to browse through the collection here. Just select a topic on the right and look through the small preview images. Clicking on one of them will bring you to a larger version. Or you can use the search box to find something more specific on this site.
Since these images were all first published in the United States so long ago I believe that they are all in the Public Domain. If you wish to republish them in your own graphic project please feel free to do so but use your own resources to determine their copyright status, just to be safe. The pictures were all scanned or digitally photographed in a mass production sort of way which diminished slightly the clarity of the final displayed version. If you need a better scan, at a higher resolution, those can be produced and e-mailed for a fee of $5 each, Paypal accepted. My e-mail address is at the bottom of the page. The photographic images were taken back in the 1860's, and the results were varied. The prints from The Photographic History of the Civil War are all a little soft to begin with, and although I can scan them at a higher resolution, I cannot make them clearer. Some can be found at the Library of Congress website in sharp detail.
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