Eyewitness Pictures of the Civil War

This website features pictures originally published during the Civil War. Many pictures were first sketched during the action, and these sketches were used to create a wood cut that appeared in the weekly newspapers.

While at work, photographers also kept very busy recording the life and times of this era, and you will see a good representation of their effort as well when viewing this site.

This website collection of Civil War pictures has been amassed through three different sets of works:

  • Harpers Semi-Monthly Civil War Edition
  • Frank Leslie’s Illustrated Weekly
  • The Photographic History of the Civil War (10 Volumes)

And I hope to add two additional sources of period materials:

  • Harper’s Weekly
  • Illustrated London News

All images on this website were first published in the United States a very long time ago, and now they fall under Public Domain. All pictures were either scanned or digitally photographed for mass production, which has diminished the clarity slightly for the final displayed resolution. Remember, these photographic images were taken back in the 1860’s. For example, prints from The Photographic History of the Civil War were a little soft to begin with. Many of these photos can be found in sharp detail through the Library of Congress archives.